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Born in Vienna in 1944, Siegfried Egger showed a flair for artistic design at a young age. Once he had completed his apprenticeship in Scandinavia, Siegfried spent time honing his considerable skills as a stone setter by working alongside some luxury goldsmiths in the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

In 1971, Siegfried opened his first small shop. This dream was jointly realised with his wife Agneta, his life companion and often his toughest critic. Together they embarked on an era where Siegfried’s design and creativity flourished. He was awarded considerable acclaim and prizes in both national and international competitions where his work achieved well-deserved recognition for its superior quality, innovation and style.

After receiving critical acclaim for his first exhibition, Siegfried’s company grew and developed through the strength of his vision and his beautiful designs. Today, his timeless jewellery can be viewed at his shop, located at the heart of Stockholm.

Now, in the prime of his life, Siegfried Egger continues to produce exquisite creations. He has designed a collection of miniature flowers and trees, drawing inspiration from natural landscapes.

By using the technique of “Cire Perdue” or “Lost Wax”, in which the original wax sculpture disappears during the casting process, Siegfried is granted the freedom to create these truly intricate pieces of art that you see before you in these stunning treasures.

All of Siegfried Egger’s creations are unique, with limited edition pieces also available. Each piece is designed to impart true value, collectability and pleasure to the owner.

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